Michaelmas 1964 – press coverage

A study group headed by Jenny Slater planned a pamphlet of factual sex advice for teenagers, but the plans came to nothing in ways highly revealing of the way the permissive 1960s had not yet started in 1964. The Daily Mirror reported on 26 October 1964:

and the Guardian also had the story (26 October 1964):

















but by 4 November 1964 the Daily Mirror was reporting that after objections from her parents Jenny Slater had not only resigned from the study group but had been gated by her college pending disciplinary action – and production of the pamphlet had been banned by OUHG’s senior member, Profesor Gilbert Ryle!

Notwithstanding, the study group seems to have continued in the following term, where it appears on the termly card.

OUHG ex-president David Pollock had by now gone down but had two letters in the press about Sunday observance following the official Crathorne Committee report: in the Daily Telegraph (15 December 1964):














and in the Guardian (17 December 1964) with a letter also read in an extended version on the BBC’s Listening Post:










Meantime on 25 September 1964 the Church Times surveyed the Oxford religious scene and reported on the strength of the Humanists.


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Michaelmas 1958

Many thanks to Derek Schafer for providing this copy of the card for Michaelmas 1958 when Nevil Steer was president, Tony Brierley secretary and Charles Pickering treasurer. Speakers included F A Ridley, Professor H H Price and two clergymen.

michaelmas-1958-a michaelmas 1958-b

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Trinity 1968

Christopher Hird was President, Jo Beaton secretary and Chris Cullen treasurer.  Speakers included Bill; Hamling MP, Margaret Drabble,  Isaiah Berlin, John Mortimer and Caroline Coon, founder of Release.

Trinity 68 card04-1 Trinity 68 card04-2 Trinity 68 card04-3 Trinity 68 card04-4



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Hilary 1967 posters

Stephen Hayes has provided these images:

67-03-03 Driberg 67-03-03 Elections 67-03-05 Breakfast 67-03-07 Abortion






































































[Hilary 1967]






Trinity 1966 posters

Stephen Hayes has provided the following images:

66-04-24 Magona 66-04-26 OConnor 66-05-20 Prooops 66-06-06-07 Flew Jeger








































































[Trinity 1966]

Michaelmas 1961: Robert Graves

St John’s College library has in its Robert Graves archive a barely legible carbon copy of Graves’ typescript for the talk he gave on 1 November 1961 under the title Poet’s Paradise.  Page 12 is missing and is substituted here with pages 12a and 13a of a previous draft.

poetsparadise1 poetsparadise2 poetsparadise3 poetsparadise4 poetsparadise5

poetsparadise6 poetsparadise7 poetsparadise8 poetsparadise9 poetsparadise10 poetsparadise11poetsparadise12a poetsparadise13 poetsparadise13a poetsparadise14 poetsparadise15 poetsparadise16These images are reproduced by kind permission of the President
and Fellows of St John’s College, Oxford.

[Michaelmas 1961]


Hilary 1968

Philip Bowler was president, Cristo Hird secretary and Jo Beaton treasurer.  There were study groups on crime and mental disorder, the status of women, and moral education.  Speakers included Maurice Cranston, Lena Jeger MP, Peter Fryer and Roger Manvell.

card 68-1 pp1-8 card 68-1 pp2-3 card 68-1 pp4-5 card 68-1 pp6-7


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