Hilary 1965

John Baker was president, Tony Lambert secretary and Dick Eiser treasurer.  Speakers included Hyman Levy, J Z Young, Lord Listowel, Peggy Jay, Herman Bondi, Margaret Knight and (in a late addition) Francis Huxley.  The OUHG gave evidence to the Franks Commission on the governance of the University, protesting at interference in the private lives of students.  The OUHG also elicited abuse from the apartheid South African government – see below.


OUHG wrote to the apartheid South African government seeking mercy for a defendant sentenced to death for alleged terrorism.  The reply from the Ministry of Justice was a tirade of abuse, as reported in the Daily Telegraph (25 February 1965):





























Similarly the Guardian (25 February 1965):























and the Times (25 February 1965):
















[Evidence to the Franks Commission]

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