Hilary 1961

The president was David Lanch, secretary David Suzman and treasurer Connaire Kensit.  A new constitution and standing orders were adopted.

The only poster I can find for the term is this one for the social at the start of the term – its reverse used as scrap when I became Publicity Officer the following term!

David Pollock writes: “This was the first term I encountered OUHG – at a meeting addressed by Sir Oswald Mosley!  Though billed as speaking about race relations, he actually concentrated on his post-fascist European movement.  This was of course a blatant attempt by OUHG to use a notorious speaker to boost membership (and finances) early in the term: everyone who came had to pay the 2s.6d. sub at the door to get in.  And, like me, many as a result found out about Humanism and realised that this summed up their own beliefs – as still happens so often when people hear about Humanism.”

David Pollock referred back to the meeting with J S L Gilmour in a letter in The Humanist in July 1962:
















































[Michaelmas 1960]      [Trinity 1961]