Hilary 1967 posters

Stephen Hayes has provided these images:

67-03-03 Driberg 67-03-03 Elections 67-03-05 Breakfast 67-03-07 Abortion






































































[Hilary 1967]






Michaelmas 1966

Ron Bell was president, Howard Rye was secretary and Rodney Bayley treasurer.  There were parties for charity as well as War on Want lunches.  Speakers included the veteran managing director of the Rationalist Press Association Hector Hawton, the veteran educationalist Lord Chorley, the not-yet veteran peace campaigner Pat Arrowsmith and the eminent Cambridge professor of economics Joan Robinson.  Arranged after the card was printed, a joint meeting was held with the OU Buddhist Society addressed by Mr Christmas Humphreys.  A poster survives for the hospital visiting that was a regular feature of the Group’s activities.

card 66-3 pp1-8 card 66-3 pp2-3 card 66-3 pp4-5 card 66-3 pp6-7

66-10-29 Humphreys


















Hospital visiting

















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Trinity 1967

Sarah Radley was president, Chris Burnside secretary and Philip Bowler treasurer. Speakers included Jeremy Sandford, Kingsley Martin, Antony Storr and Michael Argyle.

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The term started with a sherry party:

Two posters relating to the term’s elections survive, courtesy of Stephen Hayes:

67-06-09 Election results 67-06-09 Elections




































[Hilary 1967]       [Michaelmas 1967]

Hilary 1967

Howard Rye was president, Sarah Radley secretary and Jane Woodland treasurer.  Speakers included Sidney Silverman MP, James Hemming, Lord Arran and Tom Driberg MP.  Some posters can be seen here..



The committee continued to be summoned by cards sent through the messenger service:


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