Trinity 1968

Christopher Hird was President, Jo Beaton secretary and Chris Cullen treasurer.  Speakers included Bill; Hamling MP, Margaret Drabble,  Isaiah Berlin, John Mortimer and Caroline Coon, founder of Release.

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Hilary 1968

Philip Bowler was president, Cristo Hird secretary and Jo Beaton treasurer.  There were study groups on crime and mental disorder, the status of women, and moral education.  Speakers included Maurice Cranston, Lena Jeger MP, Peter Fryer and Roger Manvell.

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There was a tenth anniversary reunion, held in London on Saturday April 20 and the files show a large number of acceptances and a few notes of regret, one of which throws light on the early days of the group.

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Michaelmas 1967

Chris Burnside was president, Philip Bowler secretary and Cristo Hird treasurer.Speakers included A J Ayer, Margaret Knight (who had become notoriouos in 1955 after two innocuous radio talks on morals without religion) and Tony Lynes of the new Child Poverty Action Group.  There was a joint study group on poverty with the Labour Club, a study group on marriage, and an advice service on contraception.

There was also correspondence with Francis Crick about a possible visit.

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