Hilary 1965: “Image” Survey

Having taken the precaution of obtaining clearance from the University Marshal, OUHG carried out a survey of 100 presumably randomly selected junior members of the university.  No report of the outcome is available but the meticulous chart analysing the results follows the questionnaire.



Hilary 1965

Trinity 1966 posters

Stephen Hayes has provided the following images:

66-04-24 Magona 66-04-26 OConnor 66-05-20 Prooops 66-06-06-07 Flew Jeger








































































[Trinity 1966]

Michaelmas 1961: Robert Graves

St John’s College library has in its Robert Graves archive a barely legible carbon copy of Graves’ typescript for the talk he gave on 1 November 1961 under the title Poet’s Paradise.  Page 12 is missing and is substituted here with pages 12a and 13a of a previous draft.

poetsparadise1 poetsparadise2 poetsparadise3 poetsparadise4 poetsparadise5

poetsparadise6 poetsparadise7 poetsparadise8 poetsparadise9 poetsparadise10 poetsparadise11poetsparadise12a poetsparadise13 poetsparadise13a poetsparadise14 poetsparadise15 poetsparadise16These images are reproduced by kind permission of the President
and Fellows of St John’s College, Oxford.

[Michaelmas 1961]