Hilary 1963 – press coverage – other

Cherwell wrote up the term’s programme (19 January 1963):

It also reported in the same issue a row with Vade Mecum, the termly listings magazine:













Peter Simple’s “Way of the World” column in the Dailty Telegraph found OUHG well enough known to be worth satirising – the final paragraph is a reference to this.

Several of the term’s meetings attracted coverage. Francis Crick’s address in Second Week was reported in the Oxford Mail (30 January 1963):



















and in Cherwell  (2 February 1963):






















The debate between Anthony Quinton and R W Southern was reported in Cherwell (9 February 1963):

Barbara Wootton came in Fifth Week.  A version of her talk, prepared by herself, is available here.  It was reported in the Oxford Mail (20 February 1963)
and in Cherwell (23 February 1963):





















and in Isis (6 March 1963):



















The following week J D Bernal came, as reported in the Oxford Mail (27 February 1963):





















and in Cherwell (2 March 1963) whose story referred back to the “pregnant, unmarried humanist” saga and went on to anticipate a later meeting in the term when a speaker was coming from the Eugenics Society:
















Even OUHG’s discussion meetings were reported: this from Isis (6 March 1963):
 and this from the Daily Mirror (11 February 1963):























In addition, the flamboyant and luxuriantly moustached Sir Gerald Nabarro MP got into the act, if somewhat obscurely, both in the London Evening Standard (27 February 1963):
























and the next morning’s Daily Herald (28 February 1963):














In June 1963 The Humanist noted the OUHG’s successful term:












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