Hilary 1965: evidence to the Franks Commission

When the University set up the Franks Commission on the governance of the University it did not have in mind the principle of in loco parentis but problems like the balance of power between the University institutions and the colleges.  But OUHG saw its chance and submitted a memorandum of evidence (does anyone have a copy?) that gained substantial press coverage, led to a long correspondence in the Daily Telegraph and induced one outraged father to give contrary evidence to the Commission!

The London Evening Standard was first (17 February 1965):




















Next day (18 February 1965) the ‘heavies’ joined in: the Times:






















the Guardian:

























the Daily Telegraph:



























and the Yorkshire Post:













The Daily Telegraph carried letters on 20 February 1965:

on 24 February 1965:
















on 3 March 1965:

on 4 March 1965:








and on 12 March 1965:













Meantime Mr M Gatehouse wrote to teh Franks Commission that he was in total disagreement with OUHG:


Similarly in the Guardian the same day (9 March 1965):























[Hilary 1965]