Michaelmas 1960 – survey

The Group carried out a survey of its members and the results have been noted in the margin on this copy of the questions:


The results are interesting.  The first question shows that about 20-40 respondnents had been at the term’s main meetings (A J Ayer was the biggest draw), which suggests rather larger attendance overall, allowing for a response rate to the survey of less than 100%.  Interest in Humanism rather than in particular meetings was the main reason for joining, and most were clear what Humanism was and had heard of it before going up to Oxford.

Twenty-three were Christians, seven unsure.and fifteen ‘other’, but the great majority – 63 – were humanist, atheist or agnostic.  Seven out of ten were reading arts subjects and slightly fewer were in their first year.  Questions 15 and 16 suggest concern at a fall-off in attendance at discussion meetings; amd questions 17 and 18 seek to identify future candidates as Group officers.

[Michaelmas 1960]