Michaelmas 1963 – meetings

OUHG advertised its programme of meetings in Cherwell (19 October 1963):













































Cherwell praised the programme (12 October):















and its report (19 October) of Freshers Fair said that OUHG provided the “real sensation” with 632 cards sold on the day:

John Freeman’s meeting on the Press was reported in Cherwell on 26 October:

Robert Graves on “The Perils of Post-Classical Science” seems to have been less absorbing (Cherwell, 9 November):














but the Oxford Mail (2 November 1963) also reported the meeting:























Leo Abse on “Sex and Politics” drew a huge crowd (Cherwell, 16 November 1963):

He was followed in sixth week by H J Eysenck (Cherwell, 23 November 1963):




















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