Michaelmas 1963 – the abortion report

OUHG produced a report – sadly, I have no copy – calling for abortion to be made available on the NHS – a radical position at the time.  This was mentioned as forthcoming by OUHG president Wendy Kaplan in a comment on a Guardian news item (16 November 1963):



















Cherwell (30 November 1963) gave little attention to the report when it came out:










The Sunday Times (1 December 1963) got in ahead of the report’s approval:


















and next day (2 December  1963) the press gave it full attention: the Oxford Mail with a small front page item and a fuller report inside:





















The Daly Mail (2 December 1963) gave a very full report:




































The Guardian (2 December 1963):































and the Daily Telegraph (2 December 1963) also reported it:


















and from the British Humanist Association Dr Peter Draper wrote to the Guardian (7 December 1963):

The report gave rise to a correspondence in the Birmingham Post, with letters on 3 and 4 December answered by OUHG ex-president David Pollock on 6 December:





































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