Michaelmas 1963

Wendy Kaplan was president – as the London Evening Standard (30 November 1963) noted:











Peter Griffiths was secretary and David Aikman treasurer.  Speakers included Raymond Firth. John Freeman, Ronald Fletcher, Robert Graves, Leo Abse MP, H J Eysenck and Margaret Knight.  The term saw the creation of the short-lived Hirschfeld Group to study sexual matters, led by Terry Deakin, who had the previous term been in battle with the British Library seeking open shelving for its collection of erotica.

































OUHG advertised its programme in Cherwell and received much press coverage for its meetings – see here.

Two posters survive:









At the end of the term OUHG printed its own Christmas card – or rather, birthday card for Jesus: it read on the outside Happy Birthday Jesus! and on the inside 1963 today!  The cards were used internally but some, with envelopes and a pencilled ‘1/-‘ price, were inveigled into the rack at W H Smith’s in the Corn.  The story of this and the Easter card that followed is told here.

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