Reunion 1966

On 20 July 1966 an OUHG reunion party was held at 63 Kingston Road – the digs of the current Organising Secretary, Howard Rye.  If you can identify anyone not named in the captions, look at the names here and please get in touch

By wall, from bottom: David Hume, Tony Lambert, Stephen Hayes, Josephine Newcombe, Bob Leach, Clive Jones, [two shadowy figures at top of stairs awaiting identification].

By banisters, from bottom: Geoff Wyvill, Tony Brierley, Wendy Kaplan, Connaire Kensit, David Pollock.

Two group photos were taken in the street outside:

L to R: ?, ?, ?, Tony Brierley, Bob Leach, Wendy Kaplan, ?, Janet Mitchell, Stephen Hayes, ?, ?, Howard Rye, Geoff Wyvill, ?, Richard Hudson, David Pollock, David Hume, ?, Ruth Cowan, Connaire Kensit, Clive Jones, ?, Josephine Newcombe, ?, Leonard Evans.

L to R: ?, ?, Tony Brierley, Bob Leach, Wendy Kaplan, ?, Janet Mitchell, Stephen Hayes, ?, ?, Geoff Wyvill, ?, Howard Rye, David Hume, David Pollock, Richard Hudson, Connaire Kensit, Ruth Cowan, Clive Jones, ?, Josephine Newcombe, ?, ?, Leonard Evans, ? (behind), ?, ?, ?,

before the party resumed inside:

L to R: Bob Leach, Howard Rye, Stephen Hayes, Richard Hudson, Janet Mitchell, Ruth Cowan, ?, Wendy Kaplan.

Josephine Newcombe and Clive Jones.

Among those who accepted the invitation and are not identified in the captions were:

David Batchelor, Judy Evans, Fred Holroyd, Richard Hudson, David Hume, Ifan Lloyd, Simon Mattam, Marian Stamp.


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