Trinity 1964 – Catholic pill ban

OUHG protested about a pronouncement by the Roman Catholic Cardinal Heenan rejecting use by Catholics of the birth control pill. On 9 May 1964 the Daily Telegraph

the Guardian

the Yorkshire Post

the Shefield Telegraph

(the full text being as below)

and the Birmingham Post


carried reports of the OUHG’s statement; and the Daily Mail referred to it:

Cherwell carried a report on 13 May 1964 – and a letter of protest rather belatedly on 27 May 1964:

The Oxford Mail carried a correspondence between OUHG ex-president David Pollock and a local Roman Catholic (successive items on 11 May, 13 May, 15 May and 20 May 1964):

The Birmingham Post also had a protracted correspondence involving David Pollock, with letters on 12 May, 13 May, a later date in May, 21 May and 30 May 1964:




























































































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