Trinity 1964 – press coverage – other

The Reverend Austin Farrer’s talk in Seventh Week attracted major coverage in the national press.  The Times (9 June 1964):















the Guardian (9 June 1964):





















and the Daily Telegraph (9 June 1964) all ran the story:














as did the Oxford Mail (9 June 1964):



































and Cherwell (10 June 1964):




























Elsewhere, the Peter Simple column in the Daily Telegraph continued to feature his Stretchford Humanists – on 21 May 1964:

and on 28 May 1964:

The Oxford Council of Churches, according to the Oxford Times (17 April 1964) thought of inviting the OUHG to join it in a campaign on world poverty:




























OUHG ex-president David Pollock had another letter in the Daily Herald (5 May 1964):









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